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The Arts @ SsPP

At Ss Peter and Paul, we pride ourselves on fostering the creative talents of our students. We provide opportunities for excellence in music, drama and the arts. Our specialised Creative Arts program includes a Music program that allow all students to participate in learning an instrument, vocal coaching, dance and movement, and a highly-acclaimed student Art program. 

Ss Peter and Paul recognises the value of Arts education and promotes learning about and through the arts as fundamental to the development of the whole child – motivating creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and social interactions.


The Ss Peter and Paul Music Program, lead by our specialist teacher Marianne Patton, contributes to the personal development of the students and enriches the community life of the school. Through our rich music program, opportunities exist for the students to engage in a wide variety of learning opportunities.


Recognising the value of music to the total development of the child, Ss Peter and Paul offers an outstanding extra-curricular program in Choir. It is a program which engages students in a different way to the classroom program and offers positive experiences which raise self-esteem.

Choir occurs every Monday afternoon. There are many opportunities for performance in our Kiama community which contributes to the development of a sense of personal accomplishment and cultivates a positive self-image. 


We provide a wonderfully rich and varied band program to inspire and develop the creative and musical talents of all our students. Our school band allows for expert tuition and experience playing under the direction of a conductor.

Being a band member can be a truly rewarding experience.  Apart from the joy of playing a musical instrument, students develop self-discipline, teamwork skills and confidence through rehearsing and performing. They also bring pleasure through music to the wider community and acquire a life-long love of music. 




Our biannual school production is a high quality extravaganza involving all students as actors and singers within our school drama program lead by a specialist drama teacher. This event is enjoyed by the Kiama community at both matinee and evening performances.


PlaySpace Drama Ed offers Ss Peter and Paul students the opportunity to develop their confidence, drama and performance skills in a fun and engaging environment. Productions are performed after school before friends and families so they can display their talents. If your child has a passion for the stage or loves imaginative play, they will find a range of activities in the Performing Arts at Ss Peter and Paul.

Students have the opportunity to respond to and appreciate various artworks of well-known Australian and international artists to discover how the artists develop their ideas and use of materials. Students will also explore different cultures and their unique artistic expressions. The students are encouraged to share their thoughts, observations and feelings, then have a go themselves.


Students learn to explore their creativity and imagination through a skills-based visual arts program. Our Specialist Art Teacher enjoys directing a program that incorporates both art-making and art appreciation in association with developing a visual arts language. These experiences are beyond what a regular classroom teacher could typically provide. 

Students are given clear instructions on the correct use of tools, materials and techniques and over the course of the year, they are able to experiment with a variety of media including painting, drawing, ceramics, textiles, print-making, collage, construction and visual communication. They learn to develop a visual language around art elements that is appropriate when thinking and talking about art, such as line, shape, colour and texture.


Christmas Story Art Competition

Catholic schools from the Diocese of Wollongong are invited to take part in The Christmas Story Art Competition - a visual arts exhibition and competition for children in Years 5 and 6. This is an initiative of the Catholic Education Offices in Wollongong and Sydney to celebrate and explore children’s creative and artistic ability in illustrating the Christmas story.

This exhibition and competition provides the opportunity for Years 5 and 6 students to share with the wider community a greater awareness of the role of the arts in Religious Education. Children can develop deeper appreciation for their talents and recognise the value of the arts in expressing understandings of the Catholic faith. Read more about the Christmas Story Art Competition.

Kiama Art Society's Art Competition

Every year, the Kiama Arts Society hold an art competition. SSPP enjoy having Stage 2 and 3 students engage in the competition, with the best entrants from the school entered into this prestigious local competition. This is a great initiative for students to engage in art in a really exciting way, and to recognise the wonderful artistic talent developed through our specialised art program.