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Diverse Learning Needs

At Ss Peter and Paul, we aim to cater for all students’ strengths and interests, and bring out the best in each individual. This is done in many areas and with a variety of learning experiences.


The school utilises class-based education plans to assist in meeting the diverse needs of identified students. These plans are evaluated and sent home with school reports at the end of each semester. An essential aspect of developing a successful plan is the ongoing collaboration that occurs between our specialist support teachers, support officers, class teachers and parents to ensure the very best Personalised Plan is implemented.


Our programs at Ss Peter and Paul are all grounded in scientific evidence-based best practice. This includes MultiLit (“Making Up Lost Time In Literacy”) – a leading intervention program in providing effective literacy instruction in Australasia. A research initiative of Macquarie University, MultiLit’s publications, professional development and Literacy Centre are continually informed by an ongoing program of research, led by Emeritus Professor Kevin Wheldall AM. Our robust and successful literacy intervention program targets students at all year levels and is lead by a specialist Literacy Support Teacher.

Our School Support Officers also support students who have identified and funded learning needs.


From time to time, students present with diverse needs and the teacher provides comprehensive support within the classroom, and where needed may seek further support from the school, Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong and outside agencies.

Adjustments may be made to learning and teaching experiences for students to better access the curriculum at their level. All funded students have a Personalised Plan (PP) developed collaboratively with parents. Regular meetings are held with parents to discuss progress and concerns.


At Ss Peter and Paul, we aim to empower students to be leaders in areas that they have a skill, passion or interest in. Individual enrichment activities are provided dependent on the area of giftedness – physical, intellectual, social or creative. 

Teachers may devise specific Individual Plans for students who have been formally assessed as gifted. This may include:

  • Differentiation within the classroom
  • Opportunities for growth outside the classroom
  • A variety of grouping strategies
  • Acceleration by subject or grade
  • Modified reporting procedures

One program we offer gifted students is SPLICED (Stretching Potential through Learning in Interactive Challenging Environments in the Diocese). SPLICED provides units of work for learners identified as intellectually gifted in Years 3-6.

SPLICED is open to all Stage 2 and 3 students who are identified through the Australian General Ability Test (AGAT) in Year 3, Slosson Test and through teacher referral.

SPLICED units are:

  • Challenging: pitched at one stage level above the enrolled cohort
  • Comprised of primarily independent work
  • Designed to require very little class teacher input

Therefore, enrolled learners should be:

  • Able to manage the challenging nature of the content and tasks
  • IT-literate, able to navigate the internet effectively and use a variety of applications
  • Able to work independently 

How is SPLICED delivered?

Each SPLICED unit begins with an excursion which serves both as an inspirational, practical starting point for the unit, and as an opportunity for learners from across the Diocese to meet face-to-face. For the remainder of the semester learners will access tasks in the SPLICED custom online environment, they will post their completed work in discussion forums in that environment and they will have the opportunity to interact online with their peers from other schools in that environment also. All tasks will be linked to syllabus outcomes and can be used by classroom teachers to inform assessment. Learners will have clear requirements to meet in terms of completing compulsory tasks and completing tasks by designated dates.

When do learners complete their work?

Ss Peter and Paul students are required to provide each enrolled learner with approximately three hours release from class activities each week in which they will complete their SPLICED tasks. 

For more information, view our CEDoW Diverse Learning Needs Policy