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What We Offer

Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, Kiama has a proud tradition of educating the minds and hearts of our young people – empowering them for the challenges of life’s journey.

We are a vibrant, engaged and inclusive learning community that both nurtures and encourages the talents of individuals. It is important for us that, in partnership with parents, we educate the whole child.

Living our Catholic faith

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The Sisters of St Joseph are the founding order of our school and we continue their mission today in providing a quality education grounded in Catholic values and the example and teachings of Jesus Christ. We strive to live out our motto of ‘Love God. Love Others’ in all that we do.

Our school aims to empower students to grow and nurture their talents, so that they can reflect the light of Christ in the world through making a positive difference in the world. We constantly encourage students to live out their faith through such initiatives such as our Mini Vinnies team, where students work collaboratively on social justice initiatives to help those in need within our community.

Fantastic beachside location and facilities for students

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We watch whales passing by while we learn, and love learning on the beach too! Our location is truly unique – the ocean breeze and constant sound of the waves has a value to our students' wellbeing and education that can't be measured.

As well as adjoining Surf Beach, our students have access to Chittick Oval for rugby league, union and soccer, as well as our other fantastic outdoor learning and play areas. 

Matching the beauty and elegance of our natural setting, our school community is housed in an open-designed facility inspired as much by our beliefs about how learning best occurs in a K-6 collaborative environment.

Empowering students to reach their full potential

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We believe that in order for students to achieve their potential they must have social, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Our school focuses on empowering your child to become a confident, compassionate, resilient, caring and self-directed person who can cope with the ‘curve balls of life’ and contribute positively to a changing world. 

In the classroom, we seek to provide our students with the educational resources and academic processes to assist them to achieve to their full potential. All our students are encouraged to not only ‘do their best’, but to ‘be’ the best person they can be.

Dedicated, passionate staff

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The Ss Peter and Paul staff are singularly focused on one thing – your child. Our highly qualified, professional and dedicated staff bring their passions into the classroom and develop deep, caring relationships that inspire a true love of learning in their students. Our expert teachers pay close attention to the social, emotional and academic needs of each individual, adapting and differentiating the curriculum and lessons to fuel the fire more than fill the bucket. Put simply, a good school knows your child by name, a great school knows your child by heart.

A culture of innovation

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Our students are immersed in a culture which values innovative thinking – an essential skill for the future economic landscape they will be part of. The development of innovative thinking at Ss Peter and Paul incorporates a range of 21st century learning environments for our students to enjoy, plus the opportunity to learn how to use a range of cutting-edge technologies offered within our Innovation Studio learning space – including 3D printing, a variety of robotics platforms, electronics, computer coding and traditional workshop tools.

We believe in giving students a vast range of innovative opportunities – valuing each individual's interests and talents, and knowing that one size does not fit all. Students can extend their innovative thinking through a range of co-curricular activities and additional programs.

Supporting student learning and enrichment

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Our rigorous, empowered curriculum readies students for challenges ahead in life’s journey – both in and out of the classroom. We achieve excellent academic growth for students through our research-based literacy intervention and support programs, effective learning technologies and other key strategies. The Ss Peter and Paul experience is enriched by opportunities for your child to develop and grow through specialised programs in robotics and coding, sport and physical education, and creative arts – all programs which are delivered by our specialist teachers.

We aim to cater for all students’ strengths and bring out the best in each individual. This is done in many areas and with a variety of differentiated learning experiences.

Building positive and respectful relationships

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We provide a safe and welcoming learning environment where your child will be well known and valued for their unique qualities, gifts and achievements. We promote positive behaviours and encourage students to be responsible for their personal decisions and actions.

Our priority of our student’s social development is paramount and can be seen through our Positive Behaviours for Learning (PB4L) program and Friendly Schools Social & Emotional Learning program. These programs have established a very high level of behaviour expectations for all students which are explicitly and regularly taught. We also offer a high level of behaviour support when required through restorative justice processes, with a high emphasis on building positive and respectful relationships.

Strong parent partnerships and community connections

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At Ss Peter and Paul, we believe the partnership between home and school is integral. We value and support Parent and Carer Engagement with the school, and our staff value communication with parents and carers regarding their child’s learning and development.

Our Parents and Friends (P&F) Association is an active committee, which supports our students in social, sporting and fundraising events. Your involvement is most welcome.

We also have strong links with our local parish and community, providing a range of experiences to broaden their educational perspective.

We also offer quality on-site before and after school (OOSH) care for our students.

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